5 Ws & H

Our “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How”


Whom We Serve

We exist to serve “our people.” Our people want a relationship with a professional financial adviser, but are skeptical of the financial services industry at-large.

They are dubious of any professional who is paid by commissions for selling financial products, because of the clear conflicts of interest involved.

But they are also dubious of fee-only advisors claiming to be “fiduciary” who charge fees as a percentage of client assets. Our people can “do the math,” so they know that percentage-based fees quickly get indefensibly and unacceptably high.

Our people want just two primary things from an adviser: advice that’s in their best interest, and a fair shake on the fee. For those, they will happily pay.

Demographically, they may be 45 and hoping to retire at 55 or 65. They may be 85, having retired at 55 or 65. Most commonly, they are somewhere in between.

Their investment amounts range from several hundred thousand to multiple millions of dollars. Those who haven’t saved that much yet currently earn high incomes, and are able to save aggressively.*

*We do not have age or asset minimums, but reserve the right to decline to work with people for whom our flat fee would not be appropriate, in our sole judgment.

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What We Do

Technically stated, our job is to do the financial planning, investment management, and advice giving necessary to help our clients best achieve their financial goals.

More simply stated, our job is to put our clients in the best possible position, and to keep them in the best possible position as they live their lives. So, it’s also to give them every possible advantage along the way.  

Accordingly, we strongly advocate using diversified, ultra-low-cost, tax-efficient passive investment strategies. Investment costs and unnecessary taxes both matter a lot, and a big part of our job is minimizing them, because that is what’s in every client’s best interest.

We also focus extensively on minimizing unnecessary income taxes, which is also in every client’s best interest.

That low-cost, low-tax focus yields additional fruit: reduced risk on our clients’ holdings.

And that reduced risk produces huge value: our clients’ ability to “stay the course” and stick with their plans, which is arguably the single-most important factor in long-term client success, and therefore clearly in their best interest.

But there’s much more to what we do than those broad strokes. Often, we do our clients’ Social Security planning, Medicare planning, healthcare planning, charitable and estate planning, income tax planning, and everything else associated with planning for, and living through, the post-work phase of life.

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Where We Do It

With the assistance of telephone, internet, screen-sharing, webinar, and video technology, we are able to work virtually with clients anywhere in the United States.

Those people insisting on in-person appointments must be local to, or willing to travel to, one of our offices, either Fairfax, Virginia or Atlanta, Georgia.

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When We Do It

As of September, 2019, we are still accepting a limited number of new customers. Given our growth and business goals, that will not last forever.

In fact, in the past, we have occasionally and temporarily stopped accepting new customers, in order to maintain our service standards to both our new and existing customers. That may happen again in late 2019 and in 2020. We estimate that in 2021 we will permanently close to new customers who are not family or friends of existing customers.

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Why & How We Do It

To paraphrase our late, truly great hero, John Bogle, we love the work of financial advisory, but have a lover’s quarrel with the industry at-large.  We want all of us, we and all other financial advisors, to live up to our highest potential to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our clients. That is why we do everything the way we do it.

And that is especially why we charge a flat advisory fee that is clear and fair, based as it is on the time, energy, and expertise involved in what we do, plus a reasonable profit margin that allows us to sustain our business. There is plenty of money for us to make doing business that way, and it is so much more in our clients’ best interests than percentage-based fees so common in our industry.

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