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The Safebridge Process™ is...

How we maximize our clients' chances of achieving their goals, which are typically

  1. to have enough money to sustain lifestyle until death, and sometimes,
  2. to leave a financial legacy.

Our Safebridge Process™ is much more than advice on investments. It includes advice on Social Security, Medicare, long-term care, life insurance, what savings and investment accounts to take income from (and when), how to minimize income taxes every year, the best ways to give money to others while living, the best ways to leave money behind after death, and everything else that affects people planning for and living through retirement.

Our Process produces robust financial plans for our clients. A robust financial plan for retirement is one that would produce enough income to support a client's lifestyle, even through the worst economic conditions. While we certainly hope for the best of times in the future, we plan for the worst of times. That is why our clients enjoy authentic peace of mind that frees them to live great lives.

Our investment philosophy is...

To focus on what we can control. We cannot control markets, interest rates, or inflation any more than mankind can control the sun. But we can control how we prepare for and adapt to ever-changing markets, interest rates, and inflation. Accordingly, we focus on keeping costs and taxes low, and diversity and discipline high.

We provide the discipline and help keep taxes to a minimum through our ongoing planning, management, and advice. The transparent, passive investment strategies that comprise the backbone of what we typically recommend for our clients provide the low costs and high diversity (and also help keep tax impacts low).

We charge one flat fee instead of a percentage of assets because...

It is the right way to do financial services. Our flat $5,000 per year, per household fee (billed quarterly and deducted from accounts we manage) is crystal-clear, easy-to-understand, fair to our clients, and fair to us.

Combined with our fee-only stance, our one flat fee eliminates all financial conflicts of interest with the client, frees us to advise what is truly in the client's best interest, and eliminates client wonder or worry about what our incentives are and why we advise what we do.

When someone becomes a client, his/her money goes...

To TD Ameritrade Institutional, our custodian of choice, typically by electronic transfer. Clients never direct their investments to us, or write us a check for anything that is not an advisory or planning fee. TD Ameritrade holds the money, and also provides every client with private online access. Only the client may access and remove his/her investments at TD Ameritrade Institutional (although clients give us written permission to deduct our advisory fee from accounts, which you can read in our contract and addenda, located on this page of the website).

Safebridge was founded by...

John H. "Jack" Zarinsky, CFP®, the principal and lead adviser of the firm. Interesting tidbits: Jack was born and raised in New Jersey (he graduated high school in Berkeley Heights); he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University; at Duke, Jack was a pitcher and four-year letterman for the baseball team, winning its Outstanding Pitcher award his first season, serving as team captain his last season, and making the Atlantic Coast Conference Honor Roll his last two seasons; he now cares for his father (they co-star in the video below), and the two of them enjoy trips to the rest of the family in Denver, North Carolina, where Jack "donates" too many golf balls to the woods and water of Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club.


To see a bit “behind the scenes” into what kind of people we are at Safebridge, play the short video below (turn sound on).