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If you like how we do business and think we may be a fit for your advisory needs, the next step is to find out if we truly are a fit. That means not only finding out if our personality, disposition, and philosophy is what you want, but also if your personality, disposition, and philosophy is what we want.

If that makes sense to you and you’re ready to schedule a time, you may scroll down to send us a message. Or, click HERE. Or, keep reading below.

 Review Our Paperwork

We hate it when paperwork is foisted upon us at the last minute. So, we provide ours ahead of time. If you wish, you may review our disclosure document, contract, and contract addenda. (In addition to providing you an additional amount of comfort in speaking with us, doing so may also help with any insomnia you battle.)

In all seriousness, we are strong advocates for full disclosure. Boring though these documents may be, we feel it important that you be able to review them at your leisure. See what they look like and how they read.

Our Form ADV (a long, state-required disclosure) is HERE. Our Client Engagement Agreement, which every client signs, is HERE. Our Investment Management Addendum, which every full-time advisory client signs, is HERE. Our financial planning agreement, which plan-only clients sign, is HERE.

Request Our Appointment Scheduler

When you’re ready to schedule a time to chat, fill out the form below and click Send To Us. We’ll respond back with our online scheduling link or a phone call.

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