Flat-Fee, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor

Our Philosophy

Serve The Client’s

Best Interest


What We Do


Our job is to make sure our clients do everything right financially.

Specifically, that means we do all of the financial planning, investment management, and advice-giving necessary to give our clients every possible advantage in achieving their goals.

How We Do It

Though client goals differ, and precise strategies to achieve them vary, a client’s best interest is always served by these core principles:

  • Minimizing unnecessary investment costs and taxes

  • Keeping risk exposure to an emotionally tolerable level

  • Prudently planning account withdrawals (when lifelong income is a top priority)

  • Eliminating conflicts of interest

Those are the reasons that we exclusively use:

  • Passive investment strategies, to minimize unnecessary investment costs and taxes

  • Tax-focused financial planning, to minimize unnecessary future taxes

  • A real-world financial planning methodology, to keep risk exposure emotionally tolerable and account withdrawals sustainable

  • A flat-fee, fee-only structure, to eliminate conflicts of interest